"'Reflection' is the type of book, for me, that my mind will always return to. A book that will stay in the forefront of my mind even after I get swept away by another great book. I cannot shake these characters or the story, and quite frankly, I don't want to. They can happily reside in my mind . . . Highly, highly recommended to all. A book that is soon going to be on A LOT of to-read lists, if it isn't already!"

"Waking from a coma only to try and figure out if the person you are so helplessly in love with is real or not. Just fantastic. *sigh* And it was so beautifully executed."

"The situation, the feelings, the whirlwind, the delicate dance of real and fiction was amazing . . . The hope, the feelings, the want, and the frustration of trying to determine what is real or made up…it’s a torrent of emotions." 


  1. This book 'REFLECTION' has captured my imagination! I love how Ms. Roberts has put so much life into her characters. The story holds your attention for the entire run! I didn't want to stop reading. I'm rooting for Nick! Can't wait for the sequel!! An Avid Reader

  2. These are BY FAR my favorite books on the planet. I can't stop reading once I start them and get confused when I realize the characters aren't actual people in my life. SEVEN stars and would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.