Wednesday, September 27, 2017

REFLECTION Series Paperback Launch!

My daughter started a blog ( – she’s a health foodie expert!) and has motivated me to post on my own blog. Crazy—and completely awesome—how daughters grow up and become the example.

First, by way of follow-up to my previous blogpost, a pic. of me and my bestie with The Tenors. Their concert was INCREDIBLE! You should go to one. Love these guys! I tried to sing a duet with Fraser—he laughed at me. Great times!

I take the summers off of writing and do a lot of reading. This summer I read mostly YA and romance, but took a break from those genres to read The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. It came highly recommended by several friends. 

Some parts were a little heavy for me (I’m a total lightweight when it comes to books and movies), but what an engaging, well-written book. I liked it so much I made my husband read it (which I can’t normally do since he’d last two pages--maybe--in my usual YA romance reads). Anyway, he liked it too!

And finally, I’m excited to announce that REFLECTION will be coming out in paperback through Copper Lane Publishing, with a release date of MARCH 1, 2018. The sequel, REACTION, will follow exactly one month later. Yeah baby!!
⇉ MARCH 1, 2018 ⇇

Lastly, lastly, stay tuned for my launch of THE SMARTS series, a YA action/romance thriller coming Fall, 2018.
Loner Princeton student Jennifer is kidnapped by bad-boy Luke and his dangerous rebel tribe of Smarts, a worldwide organization of geniuses. Uncovering their evil scheme, Jennifer’s Smart skills awaken. Unfortunately, so does her heart…