Wednesday, May 5, 2021


A question I've been asked: "What's the one thing that's helped you most in your writing?"

I could easily rattle off ten things in two seconds that have helped me become a better writer. But if I had to narrow it to one, I'd say it's my writing group.

I LOVE my writing group! They are the coolest peeps in the world. 

There's a grammar queen, a descriptive expert, a speed demon who picks up on all my plot holes, and my wave-length twin who is also my second pair of eyes. That's just one of the many ways they each help me. I could easily rattle off ten more (in two seconds - ha).

Writing Retreat - Park City, Utah - 2021

I believe the best way to improve your writing is to join a writing group. To find one, attend a local writer's conference, find an online group, or simply ask around.

Good luck!

And have an AMAZING summer!

My winters ...

My summers!


  1. Love the comment about your writing group! And the picture as well. Keep up the good work! We readers need fresh new material to read!

  2. I'm always curious. How did you find your writing group? Thanks

  3. Awww...I love this! And I love how you described each of us. I agree, I wouldn't be anywhere without you guys (in writing, and possibly life too, ha!)