Monday, December 26, 2016

Favorite Christmas Gift for 2016!

BY FAR my favorite Christmas gift this year was two tickets to The Tenors (formerly The Canadian Tenors) in concert in Atlantic City this Spring (seriously, best present ever!!), and a Tenors' song serenade from my 11 year old son.

This was a huge sacrifice for him because although he sings this particular song at the top of his lungs when we're driving in the car, he's shy singing it solo since he's going through the squeaky voice change thing right now - ha.

Plus, his goofball older brother kept sabotaging him (refer to video; I was dying!!😂) I sure love my fam!

Here are a few short snippets from the video, and below that, a link to the original song from The Tenors! (Their voices tho...!💛)


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  1. Their voices are lovely! Enjoy the concert!! I miss your blogging!! Can't wait for Smarts to come out!!!! Sonia Gee