Wednesday, July 8, 2020


Summer is here …

and that means it’s time to start querying … 

I can think of only two things worse than querying: the stomach flu and pregnancy (which is one in the same for us lucky few). 

Here’s the thing(s): 
1. Describing an 86,000-word novel in 200 words is freaking impossible. 
2. Rejection letters SUCK. As in, ruin-your-whole-day suck.
3. Crap, I think I forgot to change the default greeting before I pressed send. Again.
4. And is it me, or do all agents have the most difficult-to-spell last names?
5. “Please include a synopsis.” NEXT
6. “And make sure to say why we would be a good fit.” Umm, because I’m looking for an agent? 
7. “Please include the first 5 pages, the first 10 pages, the first 50 pages, the entire MS, the first chapter, the first 5 chapters, till chapter end, not till chapter end…” Need I say more?
8. Do I get docked if I don’t have a blog? a website? twitter? HELP!!
9. [copy], [paste], and … yep, formatting error.

If you have others, please feel free to vent in the comments below. It feels really good. 😃

I had the best intentions of having my new YA novel, SMARTS, out by 2019, and though I was finished writing it, the rewrites and additions took a ton of time. But it’s finally done! Here’s the pitch: 

Loner high school senior, Alice, is kidnapped by motorcycle riding bad-boy, Luke, and his dangerous rebel tribe of Smarts, a worldwide organization of geniuses. Uncovering their evil scheme, Alice’s Smart skills awaken. Unfortunately, so does her heart…

To be honest, I don’t ever feel like one of my books is “finished.” I just come to a point when I think to myself, If I have to do one more edit, I’m going to throw my computer across the room. That’s when I know I’m done.

Everyone stay healthy and safe! Peace.

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  1. Looking forward to reading this new novel from one of the most exciting YA authors active right now!